Best Polo Shirts for Embroidery and Vinyl Printing in 2024

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A polo shirt is ideal for polo clubs or other sports such as tennis, golf, badminton, and rugby and is also considered one of the best uniform choices. You need to buy a plain polo shirt and place your company logo on it; it looks professional. There are two main ways to do that: embroidery and vinyl printing.

If we talk about polo shirts, especially with pique fabric, embroidery is the best option because vinyl and other heat transfer materials don’t stick to that honeycomb fabric. Moreover, embroidery not only looks professional but is also durable. However, some polos are available with jersey fabric (smooth), which might be ideal for vinyl printing.

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In this post, we have compiled the best polo shirts for embroidery or vinyl printing that will look good on your team or family members. So, let’s get started!

Best Polo Shirts for Embroidery for Men and Women

There are two options if you want custom embroidered or vinyl-printed polo shirts for your business or yourself.

  1. Get your shirt printed or embroidered locally. This way, you can purchase polo shirts with the desired type of fabric. Another benefit is asking them for a sample to see whether it looks good with embroidery or vinyl printing. It will also help you ensure the best logo size, color options, and placement. However, embroidery is usually the best option for polo shirts unless you’re purchasing a jersey polo.
  2. You can order embroidered or printed polo shirts online with your custom logo. This method is more straightforward; you don’t need to visit local stores. However, drawbacks include not getting the desired colors, fit, or fabric.
    Well, don’t worry. We have listed both options for you. First, we will discuss the custom embroidered polo shirts that are ready to order; you must supply your logo or design. After that, we have listed the different types of top-rated plain shirts.

Best Polo Shirts With Custom Embroidery in 2024

1. Tee Miracle (Best Custom Embroidery Performance Polo Shirts)

Size: XS – 4XL | Available Colors: 17 | Material: 100% Polyester

Image Credit: Tee Miracle

Tee Miracle offers custom embroidered polo shirts made of 100% polyester. There are 17 professional colors available, and you can choose from XS to 4XL.

The material is micro pique, which looks premium and provides good breathability. Moreover, it’s soft, ideal for moisture-wicking, and compatible with machine washing. These shirts offer a classic two-button closure placket.

This product is customizable, as you know, and you can choose your text size and font from several options. Tee Miracle polo t-shirts are a pretty durable and affordable option for uniforms.

2. G&B Custom Embroidery (Another Good Embroidery Polo Shirts for Men/Women)

Size: S – 3XL | Available Colors: 8 | Material: 100% Polyester

Image Credit: G&B Custom Embroidery

G&B Custom Embroidery polo shirts are available for men and women and could be the perfect uniform material. Speaking of uniforms, you can choose from several colors and sizes. For men, the sizing range is S – 3XL, and for women, it’s S – 2XL.

These polo shirts are also made of 100% polyester, which is lightweight, soft, and has moisture-wicking properties. Polyester isn’t as breathable as 100% cotton fabric, but for this price, it’s okay. Overall, considering this meager price, it’s a value-for-the-money product.

3. Speedy Pros (Best Cotton Polo Shirts with Custom Embroidery in 2024)

Size: S – XXL | Available Colors: 4 | Material: 100% Polyester/Cotton

Image Credit: Speedy Pros

Speedy Pros polo shirts are available in 100% cotton or 100% polyester; you can choose according to your requirements. Cotton is more breathable than polyester, while polyester is durable and lighter.

This custom embroidered shirt has four professional shades and can be chosen in sizes S to XXL. Speedy Pros offers custom embroidery services at quite a competitive price, and their quality is excellent. It might be a viable option if you’re looking for a comfortable and durable polo for your business staff.

4. City Shirts (Best Custom Digitally Printed Polo Shirts in 2024)

Size: S – 5XL | Available Colors: 14 | Material: 50% Polyester, 50% Cotton

Image Credit: City Shirts

While embroidery is the best option, you can choose City Shirts’ services for printing your logo rather than using boring thread. Their shirts combine 50/50 cotton and polyester, making the fabric quality fantastic. It’s also adequately breathable, softer, and lightweight.

These shirts are available in 14 enticing colors, and you can choose which one best fits your logo/image. Don’t worry about the printing quality; City Shirts uses high-quality DTG printers. However, you may notice some differences in results due to varying computer monitor color calibration.

Overall, if your logo isn’t suitable with embroidery, you can consider the City Shirts printing polo shirts for your business.

5. YOWESHOP (Best Reflective Safety Polo Shirts with Custom Printing)

Size: S – XXL | Available Colors: 2 | Material: 100% Polyester

Image Credit: YOWESHOP

For outdoor working professionals, night visibility is a big concern. YOWESHOP polo shirts offer reflective strips crucial in safety while working at night. You can customize these shirts with your company logo to make your crew look more professional.

Two color options are available, along with sizing from S to XXL. The shirt’s material is 100% polyester, which is perfect for those who do high physical activity, as it has moisture-wicking properties.

Best Polo Shirts (Without Logo) For Embroidery and Printing 2024

We have discussed polo shirts with custom online embroidery and printing services. In this section, you can find the best polo shirts without logos, so you can get them embroidered or printed locally according to your requirements. The main benefit of this method is that you can choose any quality shirt that fits your budget.

1. Amazon Essentials (Best Polo Shirts for Embroidery in 2024)

Size: XS – XXL | Available Colors: 50+ | Material: 100% Cotton

If you’re looking for budget and high-quality polo shirts, the Amazon Essentials brand is probably the best option. Amazon Essential polo shirts are available with 100% cotton pique fabric, which is durable and provides maximum comfort. The best thing is that they offer lots of colors, along with different sizes and stripe patterns. You can also choose between a regular fit and a slim fit.

Amazon Essentials also offers golf polo shirts made with 100% polyester for performance. These shirts are available for big and tall men. Whether you choose 100% cotton or 100% polyester fabric, both are perfect for embroidery.

2. Amazon Essentials (Best Value Polo Shirts for Printing or Embroidery)

Size: XS – XXL | Available Colors: 20+ | Material: 100% Cotton

This Amazon Essentials polo shirt is made with a blend of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester jersey fabric. This material is lightweight and provides adequate breathability. Moreover, it can be printed or embroidered because jersey knitting is finer than pique.

Here, you can choose from several colors and sizes that fit your requirements. This jersey polo is also available with a stripe pattern; you can also look at it. Whether you’re going with the above Amazon Essentials pique polo or this jersey polo, both are affordable and quality options.

3. D & Jones (Another Quality Polo Shirt for Embroidery in 2024)

Size: XS – 6XL | Available Colors: 20+ | Material: 100% Cotton

D & Jones polo shirts are available with a classic pique cotton fabric, three-button placket, and ‘tennis tail.’ The best thing is that their shirts and various professional colors are available with 6XL from XS.

The fabric quality is fantastic for embroidery. It’s durable and has non-pill, non-fading, non-shrink, and non-wrinkle properties. On top of that, it’s pretty cozy and breathable.

4. Jerzees (Best Stain-Resistant Polo Shirts for Embroidery)

Size: S – 5XL | Available Colors: 20+ | Material: 50% Polyester, 50% Cotton

If your work involves frequent stain-prone situations, you can consider these Jerzees polo shirts ideal for embroidery. The material is a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, so there is no compromise in comfort and durability. The stain-resistant fabric can repel water and most oil-based spills.

Jerzees polo shirts come in many beautiful colors, and you can choose from S to 5XL sizes. These shirts are even available with full or short sleeves. If you’re looking for stain-resistant polo shirts for your brand that are ready to embroider, consider these t-shirts.

5. Gioberti (Best Striped Polo Shirts for Embroidery in 2024)

Size: S – XL | Available Colors: 3 | Material: 45% Polyester, 55% Cotton

Gioberti polo shirts are available with or without a dolphin logo. Their material is a blend of 55% cotton and 45% polyester, soft and comfortable. The fabric quality is decent, durable, and ideal for work. It features a three-button closure with a ribbed collar and sleeve cuffs.

If you’re looking for a polo with striped patterns, Gioberti could be a good option. You can check out all of their designs here.

6. Opna (Best Golf Polo Shirts for Embroidery)

Size: X – 3XL | Available Colors: 12 | Material: 100% Polyester

Opna gold polo shirts are made of 100% polyester material for a relaxed and comfortable feel. This material can wick moisture quickly. It’s ideal for machine washing and doesn’t cause wrinkles, fading, or pilling.

Keep in mind that this t-shirt isn’t ideal for printing; however, it is perfect for embroidery. Overall, the Opna polo shirt is another viable consideration for a budget price.

Top Rated Polo Shirts for Embroidery – Conclusion

First, you have to decide whether you want your polo shirts embroidered or printed. Usually, embroidery is the best option, but if you want vinyl printing, you should choose polo shirts with finer knits, like a jersey.

We have tried to list all possible polo shirts for embroidery or vinyl printing; if anything is missing or you have any questions, you can comment below.
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