Best Polo Shirts for the Money in 2024 + Buyer’s Guide

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A man’s wardrobe isn’t complete without at least three or four polo shirts, as they are one of the most versatile and cozy garments. However, several things should be considered while hunting for a polo shirt. If you are looking for the best polo shirts for the money in 2024 but are unsure which material to choose and where to buy them, this guide might help you.

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Best Polo Shirts for Men in 2024

First of all, let’s start with an essential factor, which is material quality.

Which material is the best for Polo Shirts?

A polo shirt can be classified into six types, except for a Rugby shirt (which has a very small collar or none at all, rubber buttons, and strong material quality). The knit or fabric defines a polo shirt’s quality.

  • PURE COTTON: This is the most common type of polo shirt on the market nowadays. Cotton is a breathable and quite durable material that can absorb moisture nicely. All cotton isn’t the same; therefore, a polo shirt with short-staple cotton fades colors much more quickly and causes pilling. As you’re thinking, shirts with longer-staple cotton are more durable and comfortable. However, they might also fade colors eventually, especially if we talk about the darker shades.
  • POLYESTER: polo shirts made with polyester look cheaper and restrict breathability. They are uncomfortable, as you’ll end up sweating heavily.
  • SILK: Shiny, light, and comfortable silk may seem like a perfect choice for polo, but that’s not true. Pure silk loses its color with high temperatures and sweating, so a blend of silk with cotton or linen is generally found in polo shirts.
  • LINEN: Linen is widely popular for all kinds of knitwear, but pure linen is also not recommended for polo because it’s rougher than cotton. Like cotton, it can add a sophisticated look with its wrinkle property, but you may want it in blend form.
  • PERFORMANCE: Specially designed for athletes, performance polos have odor-reduction properties and UV protection. They are usually made from blends or lightweight synthetics. These types of polo are only recommended for exercise or playing.
  • BLENDED: Polos made of blended fabrics are cheaper and offer higher durability and stain resistance. These types of polo are used mainly by corporations or stores for uniforms. Conversely, blended polos aren’t as comfortable as cotton and cause sweating.

Types of knits and weaves used in polo shirts

Knitting is the method of interloping yarns to create a fabric or textile. Although there are many types of knitting and weaving, only two kinds of knitting are the most relevant to polos.

  1. PIQUÉ KNIT: The pique (piqué) knit has a three-dimensional design that looks just like the Marcella pique fabric, but that’s woven, so don’t confuse it. The best thing about pique knit is that it makes the fabric breathable and flexible; therefore, it is considered one of the most popular shirt knits. A bigger knit provides more breathability, while a smaller knit is the option if you want less weight.
  2. JERSEY KNIT: This knit is often used to make less expensive polo shirts but can also create high-quality polos. It provides a different look than pique, depending on your taste. Jersey knits are not suitable for breathability; however, they have a smoother surface, just like a fine sweater.
    After the material quality, let’s talk about some other features and details of polo shirts.


  1. Soft Collars: Nowadays, you’ll find polo shirts with soft collars. Their edges curl often, which doesn’t look good. On the other hand, sewn collars with interlining hold the shape better; you should go for them.
  2. Shirt Collars: These collars are also made of the same material as the polo shirt, but they are tailor-made and interline to improve the strength and looks. You can find different shirt collars such as button-down, classic, or cutaway. These shirts aren’t meant to be worn with neckwear; therefore, you should choose an appropriate collar that looks good when unbuttoned.


Should we choose a polo with a pocket or not? Pockets are usually not used much and look bad as they slack; therefore, it would be best to choose a polo without a pocket.


There are three types of plackets found in polo shirts.

  1. Solly Plackets: Solly plackets are the most common type of placket found in most polo shirts, especially inexpensive ones. They are also called’ hidden plackets’ because you can only see the seam at the bottom. This method is the cheapest because it doesn’t require much sewing and fabric.
  2. Set-in Plackets: This placket is slightly similar to the solly, but it uses more stitching on the button-hole side, making it look more modish and tailored.
  3. Set-on Plackets: This type of placket is primarily found in the most expensive polo shirts. It uses more fabric and stitching because it’s sewn, separated from the shirt, and attached afterward. Due to its hidden interfacing, the set-on placket provides the cleanest and most rectangular look.


Expensive polo shirts should have read Mother-of-Pearl buttons. If we talk about inexpensive shirts, they offer plastic buttons. It’s not a big deal because you can always have your own sewn on. How many buttons do you want? It might be a question. You should choose a polo with 2 or 3 buttons for a classic look. There is no rule for polo buttons; you can find some with five buttons, while some don’t offer a single button.

Best Value Polo Shirts in 2024 – Our Recommendations

1. Amazon Essentials (Best Value Pique Polo Shirt for Men)

Size: XS – XXL | Available Colors: 50+

If you’re looking for affordable, quality polo shirts, consider the Amazon Essentials. These polo shirts are made of 100% cotton pique fabric, which ensures maximum comfort and breathability.

Amazon Essentials offers polo shirts in slim-fit and regular-fit, which you can choose at your convenience. Moreover, you can select from tons of beautiful colors. Sizing is available from XS to XXL.

With the two-button closure and soft collar, these shirts provide a classic look. You can wear them for day-to-day work or play; these are exceptionally versatile and cozy shirts. Considering the price and quality, Amazon Essentials are the best pique cotton polo shirts for the money.

2. Amazon Essentials (Men’s Regular-Fit Pocket Jersey Polo for Budget)

Size: XS – XXL | Available Colors: 20+

These shirts are also from the Amazon Essentials brand. If you are looking for cleaner-looking polos, you can go for them because they are made of 100% cotton jersey. However, these are slightly less breathable than pique polo.

Unlike previous polo shirts, these offer a pocket, interlining collar, and stripe patterns if you don’t like boring plain shirts. The price range is almost the same; the significant difference is in the knitting. These shirts are the best option if we talk about cotton jersey polo shirts, especially because they come at a very affordable price.

3. Jerzees (Men’s Spotshield Stain Resistant Polo Shirts)

Size: S – 5XL | Available Colors: 20+

Jerzees promises their polo shirts are water and oil-based repellent; that’s why they are also stain-resistant. The material is a mixture of 50% cotton and 50% polyester and is made with jersey knit. The welt knit collar prevents curling, which provides a cleaner and smarter look. Moreover, they are pre-shrunk, so they ensure a perfect fitting.

The only problem with this type of fabric is breathability, which causes more sweating in hot weather or when doing rigorous physical activity. However, these shirts won’t disappoint you in terms of durability and looks. If you’re looking for inexpensive polo shirts for daily work, Jerzees could be a viable option. The best thing about these shirts is that they are available up to 5XL from S size and in several attractive colors.

4. D & Jones (Another Budget Polo Shirt with Great Quality)

Size: XS – 6XL | Available Colors: 20+

Another inexpensive option is the D & Jones polo shirt, which is backed with all classic features. This shirt is pique knitted with 100% cotton, which provides higher comfort and proper breathability. It offers a ‘tennis tail,’ a soft collar, and a three-button closure.
It doesn’t matter what your size is; this shirt will fit you up to 6XL. Moreover, you can choose your favorite color from several options.

5. IZOD (Budget Performance Polo Shirt for Men)

Size: S – XXL | Available Colors: 30+

IZOD performance polo shirt is a mixture of 60% cotton and 40% polyester and is also stretchable; therefore, it’s ideal for running, playing, or exercising. This shirt is breathable, lightweight, and comes with moisture-wicking properties. However, keep in mind that it’s not as comfortable as the 100% pique cotton, but for this price range, it’s pretty good.

This shirt is available in sizes up to XXL and in many captivating colors. The only problem with this shirt is that, as some users reported, it slightly shrinks after washing.

Overall, if you’re a very active person, it could be a good option. For maximum comfort, you should choose 100% cotton pique shirts, as we have listed above.

6. Calvin Klein (Premium Quality Polo with Lightweight Fabric)

Size: XS – 5XL | Available Colors: 35+

Calvin Klein is a well-known brand, and its product quality is undoubtedly excellent. This polo shirt is built with durable 100% cotton fabric, which is lightweight and incredibly cozy. The material is slightly stretchable, which makes it ideal for sportswear.

Calvin Klein shirts offer a 2-3 button closure. They’re available in many great colors and up to 5XL size. The only problem with this shirt is that it has a cloth tag on the neck, which could be itchy.
This polo shirt’s quality is fantastic, as it’s spun with ultra-fine yarns for ventilation and breathability. However, it’s slightly more expensive than our previous options.

7. Nautica (Premium Quality Performance Pique Polo for Men)

Size: S – 3XL | Available Colors: 4

If you’re looking for a sporty polo shirt, Nautica might be a good consideration. Nautica doesn’t require much introduction; it’s also a very popular brand. The material quality is fantastic; it’s 60% cotton and 40% polyester, as it’s a performance shirt. It’s made with a pique knit, which ensures proper ventilation and comfort.

The fabric has moisture-wicking properties that keep you dry and comfortable. If you’re looking for a quality polo shirt for performance, you can choose Nautica. Nautica offers plain shirts with 100% cotton pique fabric; you can also check it out.

8. Fred Perry (Best Slim-Fit 100% Cotton Pique Polo Shirt for Men)

Size: S – XL | Available Colors: 5

Fred Perry’s twin-tipped polo shirt is 100% cotton and pique knit. The material quality is brilliant, but it’s expensive compared to other brands. You can use this Fred Perry shirt anywhere as it’s very comfortable and breathable.
This shirt is available in only a few colors and sizes, so you can check whether it fits you.

9. Tommy Hilfiger (Best Casual Cotton Polo Shirt for Men)

Size: XS – 3XL | Available Colors: 90+

Tommy Hilfiger is another option if you don’t like plain shirts. This casual polo shirt is available in many fantastic styles and colors. It’s made of premium-quality 100% cotton, which ensures ventilation and comfort.

This Flag Pride polo shirt is compatible with machine wash, so you can wear it directly from the dryer. Tommy Hilfiger is the answer if you’re looking for a higher-quality polo for casual wear.

10. Lacoste (Overall Best Polo Shirt for Men)

Size: S – 4XL | Available Colors: 25+

The credit for the most significant polo shirt design change goes to Lacoste. Lacoste first offered the short sleeve, long back, and unstarched collar with pique cotton fabric, still the backbone of polo shirts.

The Lacoste brand is a legend in the polo shirt industry, and obviously, they are pretty expensive. Unlike all the above shirts, the Lacoste polo offers a concealed two-button placket, which provides a sleek, tailored finish. Moreover, the fabric is a blend of 94% cotton and 6% elastane, which ensures maximum comfort and allows stretching.

The fabric is pique-knitted for breathability and ventilation. The Lacoste polo shirt is available in all sizes and in marvelous colors.


Choosing a polo shirt depends on your requirements. We have listed several polo shirts above; if we talk about the best value for the money, Amazon Essentials is probably the best option. It offers 100% cotton pique/jersey fabric, several sizes, colors, and classic designs.
However, if you don’t compromise on the quality, you can check our premium recommendations, such as Lacoste, Calvin Klein, or Tommy Hilfiger. Thank you very much for reading! is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more.

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